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Mental health and charity

By Bee (previously Bee-utiful creations by bee) has grown off the back of a journey of my own mental health. After seeking help and receiving counseling I wanted to do something to help others that may be suffering from bad mental health.  I decided to openly talk about my own mental health and depression and to raise money to donate to charity.

Love Yourself

Mental health

Although we are doing better at discussing our mental health there is still so much that is not talked about. Many people feel like they are alone, aren't sure where to turn or what they can do.

In some cultures, mental health is a taboo subject.

I believe in openly talking about this we have the ability to change the stigma attached.  Providing places where people are able to seek help, and sharing information can help those that may not feel like they have a place to turn to.


In addition to this guest blogs will be released on the website around mental health and wellbeing.  Please do grab a cup of tea, coffee, or wine and take a short break from everything and take a read through the blogs.

The Counselling Foundation

I wanted to do something to help others and selected The Counseling foundation as my main charity.  I believe that talking therapy can have a big impact on how you feel and the various stages of mental health and wellbeing.  Counselling is not cheap and it can be a long process. The Counselling Foundation provides talking therapy to those on low incomes that qualify. More information can be found here.

Gold Ribbon

Other Charities

In addition to The Counselling Foundation, I wanted to donate to other charities that are doing amazing things but often get overlooked but need much-needed support.

Last year we donated £6500 to charity, including the money raised for PPE for frontline NHS staff.


Throughout the year, new clothing items will be released that donate to selected other charities. 

I really hope you will help me in supporting these charities.

Free postage on orders over £65.

Turnaround times are approx. 2-3 weeks (exc. delays with Royal Mail)