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I took a break because self care is important

Hello 2020!

So I have re-opened finally after the crazy Christmas rush and a year of hard work in 2019. This was a planned break. At the end of last year, I wasn't feeling the best and I knew something needed to change. I thought having a child start school in September and one day a week I am child-free (actually 6 hours!) would give me more time for this business and myself but I was wrong. School is some crazy admin job I wasn't prepared for and now I feel like I have yet another job to do! I am sure all school mums can relate to this.

Time to reflect and re-invent

I decided that for my own sanity I would take a well deserved break in January. It was a busy month with a week of solo parenting, the routine of school and nursery to get back into, work commitments, and a few days away. Not sure it was quite the break I would have liked but it was what I needed to do. It gave me time to focus on the much needed admin, update the website, add new designs, and most importantly sit on the sofa and do nothing. This is something I don't get to do in the lead up to Christmas like most other small businesses. This was my time for self care. Time to reflect. Time to refocus on what I want to do with this business, and maybe a little bit of re-invention.

During this time I took a trip with my wonderful husband to Sweden and it really reset my brain in terms of my mental health. This really helped me put things back in perspective and one of the reasons I wanted to keep running this business was to have a creative outlet outside of my day job and children. My other reason was that I wanted to do something good with some of the profits and now that is all happening I can't wait to share the news with you soon. From a creative perspective, the most important thing to me is to make items that make others smile and feel good. I really hope that the Bee Collection will be a big part of that.

What does this all mean?

You will have noticed a lot of the new items are not personalised. This is because personalised items take a lot more time to make. Instead, I will be investing in quality products that are more eco-friendly, coming up with more unique designs, and hopefully bringing you lots more choices that can be re-sold if you choose to sell them on. This making them a bit more 'sustainable'. I will still be making personalised items but on a smaller scale and will also have items that are available for shorter periods of time rather than all year round.

I have been meaning to start a blog for ages. So here it is! My first blog on my business and I would love to know if you would like me to write more. Would you want to sign up to a mailing list to know when I post a new one? I would love some feedback, even topics you would like me to post about.

I will also be narrowing down the range of goods I offer slowly as I clear the stock I have. This means I can really focus on the things I love which I hope you will love too.

I hope you will stick with me, I appreciate all your support and your business.

I am really excited about 2020!

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