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New beginnings

Welcome to byBee!

At the end of 2020, I announced the news that I was rebranding, a new name, and a new logo. I wanted to share with you the reason behind this and what this means to the business.

When I started the business back in 2015 it was just a hobby whilst on maternity leave to help me through the time when everything seems to be so child focused. I continued to work on the business but just as a side hustle and it was a mix of craft related products. I did do the occasional clothing item for children, since I had a child this seemed the most logical item to make. I had a second child, suffered from perinatal depression (a story for another day), and decided to close the business. I needed to take care of myself and felt that this was all too much of a juggle as I still worked my day job too. So I made the announcement that I would close and started to prepare for the end of the hobby business I had been working on.

When you least expect it, the biggest changes can happen

I attended an event run by a local mum and businesswoman, Danielle. MilknBizz is a company that brings women running businesses together and runs events like the one I attended. During this event, I was lucky enough to win a speed 1-2-1 session with the wonderful Laura from The Modern Nursery. Speaking to Laura I suddenly realised that what I wanted to do was change the narrative around mental health. Having suffered severely from perinatal depression I wanted to change the stigma attached and also do something positive. So the business went on hold for a little while before I launched a new direction for the business in 2020.

Little did I know what was about to happen in the world and what would happen to the business.

I announced I would be donating to The Counselling Foundation and started talking more and more about mental health. I had started that back in 2019 and wanted to do even more in 2020, including the charity aspect of the business.

Covid struck and I lost my Nan to covid-19. Enter the Hope t-shirts and PPE. The business suddenly got very busy and I started to donate more than I had expected to a variety of charities. There is another blog about this story coming soon.

What this did make me realise is that I was selling more clothing than anything else as the business was growing. Even though the name was something I was debating changing for a while it was now time.

So why the name change?

To me Bee-utiful Creations By Bee worked great for a craft business, creating all sorts of items but it was not the right name for what the business is now. I still will do some craft items because I love to create, but the majority of my store will be clothing going forward with a handful of selected other items. I think most of these will be seasonal products so I can manage the orders better with lower turnaround times.

I will be donating even more to charity as the business grows. I want to be able to give something back, so I will have the main charity I support and selected additional charities I will be supporting through sales of clothing. This is something I am so passionate about and I really hope that my customers are supportive of this too.

I will continue to talk about mental health and wellbeing, I want to do even more around this topic. So there will be live chats on Instagram with special guests, and I will be having guest bloggers sharing stories with you. I hope you can find 5 mins with a cup or glass of something and take a read. I would like it to be a resource of information, inspiration, and ideas.

by Bee

Simple and to the point. Everything you see is designed, created, imagined, and made in reality by me, bee.

Bee is what my friends and family call me, and through this business I feel lots of my customers and followers have almost become like friends albeit virtual in most cases.

A new logo also came out of the rebrand, a logo that was created by myself and the wonderful lady I used for my rebrand Anisha Swali. A lot of thought and effort went into this bee, it sounds so simple but having your own unique bee is harder than you would expect. All the new clothing from 2021 will feature the bee somewhere on the clothing, I really hope you like it and all the new designs that will be coming this year.

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