Script Sibling Set

Script Sibling Set


Pair of t-shirts or vest and T-shirt combo for a new sibiling announcement or just for sibiling clothing goals written in a lovely script font.


This set can be either T-shirt and T-shirt or T-shirt and vest.  Both items are 100% cotton and make great gifts or perfect to put your children in for photos, annoucements or just because they are proud to be a sibling.


Please contact me if you would like this set to have an additional t-shirt or vest or if you would like this style but with different wording for older brother and younger brother or sister.

Set combination
Size of 1st t-shirt
Size of 2nd t-shirt or vest
Colour of writing

Free postage on orders over £65.

Turnaround times are approx. 2-3 weeks (exc. delays with Royal Mail)

St Albans, UK   

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